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Vistor Visa | G4seven Immigration


Visitor Visa is a conditional authorization granted by a territory to a foreigner, allowing them to enter, remain within, or to leave that country. Visitor visa typically may include limits on the duration of the foreigner's stay, visa conditions, the dates they may enter, the number of permitted visits. Visitor visa most commonly takes the form of a sticker endorsed in the applicant's passport or other travel document. While applying for visitor visa of any country, applicant have to go through a well set eligibility criteria of the particular country in which he/she is applying for and this generally includes applicant's circumstances, such as financial security, reason for travel, and details of previous visits to that particular country or any other country/countries. Even countries like USA, also requires the applicant to go through the interview process before the visa grant.
The most common question which is asked by most of the people - Can I work on visitor visa?
The answer to this question is NO. Because this is a travel visa in which you are visiting the particular country for tourism purposes. So getting a visitor visa does not allow you to work in any country.


Visa duration generally depends on the country in which you are applying for and most importantly it depends upon your purpose of visit. And in order get visitor visa approved, applicant should need to show that his/her purpose of visit in genuine. So, basically visitor visa can be single entry of duration 3 months or 6 months depending upon the country, which means before the end of this duration you need to leave that country and your visa get cancelled. Also it can be of multiple entries up to 1 year or tillyour passport expiry date which also depends upon the country you are selecting at which applicant is allowed to remain in country for 3 month or 6 month in every single visit. And you need to leave the country after completing this allowed duration but you are still admissible for re-enter in the country several times till your visa expiry date.


Our highly professional team can help you with the Visitor Visa Process of –


Every Country has set eligibility criteria and to meet the criteria applicant requires to show several documentations. So, here is the general requirements which is applicable on all of the countries whether it is UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA& NZ.

  • Person should have a valid Passport with a validity of at least 6 months
  • Your Purpose of Visit should be genuine & legitimate
  • No criminal records& debts on that particular country
  • Proof of financial capability which includes your ongoing income sources, access to the required funds & its sources which you will be using during your stay
  • Invitation letter if applying for family/friend visit and it also require the supporting letter from them which confirms their ability to support during your purposed visit
  • Travel Itinerary and hotel reservations confirmation (In case of no sponsorship)
  • If applying on business trip, documents like business purpose, appointments, supporting letters from company & accommodation details required
  • If traveling on Medical treatment, medical issuance reports from the doctor and Health insurance as a supporting documents
  • A convincing letter which states about your purpose of visit and also states that you will leave country at end of your visit

Note – These are only general requirements, for country specific requirements please contact your G4SEVEN Counselor and he/she will assist you with proper details.


From filing of a faultless application form, guiding you about documentations and attaching all the essential documentations with your file to the submission of your file online or to right visa office, everything must be in perfect order while applying for Visitor Visa of any country so that chance of getting visa could be increased and it could not lead to refusal.

And our highly professional team at G4SEVEN can assist you during your whole application process according to the latest rules and regulation of the particular country. Here is the step-step procedure of our transparent process:


At G4SEVEN, our team will conduct a prior assessment of your case to check if you qualify according to the current eligibility criteria of the country and will suggest you with the best possible changes if required in your case so that your case could become strong.

Guidance of Right Supporting documents

After checking your eligibility, our document specialists team will guide you about the supporting documentations like employment letter, funds proof, invitation letter, ITR'S etc. and also helps you in preparing these documentations.


When you get docs ready according to the checklist, we will assist you in the process of visa filing which includes filling your application forms in the required criteria, combiningall supporting docs with it, paying your embassy fees & biometric fees (if required) and submitting it online or to right visa office.

Interview Preparation

Interviews are integral part of your application. Country like USA conduct applicant interview before visa issuance while others conduct interview after visa at port of entry. With a thorough grooming session, our team will prepare you with the interview so that it could be cleared easily.

Booking of Medical & Biometrics (if required)

Sometimes medical check-up could be required by country during your application process so we regularly keep check on your application and book your medical appointment on your behalf if asked. Biometrics are required for U.S.A & Canada so we also book your biometric appointment on your behalf if applying for these countries.

VISA APPROVAL & Pre- Departure Services

You are all set to go!! Your visa is in your hands. Now our team will arrange your pre-departure session in which we will guide you the required documents which you need to carry along with you while your travel.

G4SEVEN VISITOR VISA professionals never recoils from helping our clients and are always ready to guide you with accurate and up to date information of the country you are interested in so that your dreams of visiting your desired countries could be fulfilled. If you want any information related to proper requirements and procedure of any particular country, please feel free to contact us at

+917527000003 or you can also fill out our FREE VISITOR VISA ASSESSMENT FORM!!